Ege is the go-to supplier for the most demanding sectors of the market, with unparalleled quality in joyful, exuberant designs. Ege carpets do more than cover the floors- they create mirror the mood and spirit of the buildings they occupy.

Kvadrat is a Danish Textile design company. Founded in 1968, it now holds a leading position in the European market of design textiles for use in upholstery and curtains, supplying world renowned architects, designers and furniture manufacturers with materials to match their inspiration. 

Fritz Hansen was founded in 1872, when Fritz Hansen, a Danish carpenter, founded his own furniture company, and in 1915 introduced his first chair in steam bent wood. In 1934, Fritz Hansen began his collaboration with Arne Jacobsen resulting in some of the world famous, classic icons of Danish Design.

Before Ingo Maurer concentrated solely on lighting design, he trained as a graphic designer. In 1960 he went to the US, where he began to expand himself beyond graphics. In 1966 Maurer returned to Germany and founded Design M in Munich, a firm specializing in producing lighting and developing lighting concepts. In 1973 Design M became Ingo Maurer Lighting GmbH. 

Engelbrechts A/S is a Danish furniture designer and manufacturer based in
Copenhagen. Founded in 1989, it works in collaboration with its designers to
develop modern and timeless furniture for the discerning, quality-conscious

Founded in 1967, GUBI is one of the leading design manufacturers in Denmark. It produces innovative, functional design with an emotional touch and has had great success both nationally and internationally. Its head office is situated in the Freeport of Copenhagen. GUBI constantly seeks out new, contemporary and inventive design, which means that both classic design icons and exciting new innovations can be found in its catalogue of work. Product development is undertaken in close collaboration with well-known Danish and international architects and designers.

The Royal Cafe is created and owned by Lo Østergaard and Rud Christiansen and opened on 5th of May, 2007. It is one of the world’s first projects of "product placement" based on famous Danish manufacturers, presented as a café and shop.


Throughout the years, PP Møbler has manufactured several unique pieces of furniture in cooperation with different designers. They are all characterized by exquisit craftmanship and at the same time marked by the overall design vision. Types, styles, form, and material have never limited PP Møbler.


The co-operation between the designers and Fredericia Furniture is based on a common passion for furniture design and respect for quality. These are values that Fredericia Furniture also share with the people who surround themselves with their furniture. Their ambition is to create furniture that combines the functional with the aesthetic. Furniture that is needed and made to be used. Furniture that is a delight to the eye every day – also when taken over by the next generation.