MatzForm makes furniture for life, built on four simple principles:

Quality. At Matzform, quality is key. Each piece is expected to be of the highest quality: constructed with care from the finest materials and thoroughly inspected to meet Soren’s own standards. This is furniture for generations.

Functionality. Furniture should be the embodiment of functionality. Matzform strives to produce items that embody the ideals of Scandinavian furniture: elegance, functionality and durability.

Beauty. Your surroundings should bring joy into your life, and beautiful furniture is part of creating a joyful living space. Matzform Furniture produces practical beauty for a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated living.

Authenticity. All of our designer furniture is fully licensed from the designer or their estate, and manufactured to their original standards of quality.

MatzForm is uniquely structured to take advantage of the personal experience and skills of our founder, Soren Matz. In all of our endeavours we draw upon his 30 years of furniture making experience to ensure that we produce only the highest quality furniture. This means that MatzForm operates somewhat differently from conventional furniture suppliers, because we stand upon our ability to produce definitively better, higher quality products than our competitors.
To do this, Mr Matz has spent the better part of 7 years building up strong relations with our three collaborating manufacturing partners in the Shanghai area. On principle, he refuses to work with any workshop located more than two hours drive from his downtown studio, to ensure that we can easily oversee production and ensure the right level of QC in our products. Mr Matz has chosen not to purchase any production facilities, because the current setup gives the strength and flexibility he requires to ensure superior quality. By staying flexible, MatzForm can ensure that they buy only from the best and most competitive specialized suppliers for fine woodwork, upholstery and metal – and because these suppliers must always continue to earn our business, they constantly strive for quality. In many cases, we co-sponsor production material stockpiles of high quality dried lumber, leathers, fabrics and more, to ensure that our quality is never compromised. We’re proud to say that after years of effort, we have been able to develop our suppliers’ quality to match the level of Danish craftsmanship. When we require fittings or components we cannot source from China in suitable quality, we simply import it from Denmark. We will not compromise on our quality.
By working with our partner suppliers, we have developed a strong, dependable production and service foundation. It allows MatzForm to field a strong R&D and planning team, a flexible in-house design service, a dedicated, professional prototyping and mock-up process that works with both designer and client to ensure we create the perfect piece, cost-managed, quality controlled production, and excellent warranty and after-sales service.
This is what makes MatzForm Furniture different.